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Laboratory Equipment

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Full Lab Furniture Setup

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Laboratory Glassware

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Our Product Categories

From our high-quality microscopes, glassware, and biology models that bring the wonders of the natural world to life, to advanced electronic equipment preparing students for the digital age, precise measurement scales, versatile wooden apparatus for holistic learning, and durable brass materials enhancing experiments – we offer a diverse array of tools that empower both educators and students. With a commitment to quality and a dedication to enriching the classroom experience, Vaishali Scientific Centre is your go-to source for elevating science education in schools, equipping the next generation of scientists and thinkers.


– Compound Microscope
– Binocular Microscope
– Medical Microscope
– Projection Microscope


– Beakers
– Conical Flasks
– RB Flasks
– FB Flasks
– Measuring Cylinders
– Pipettes etc…

Biology Models

– Animal Mitosis
– Animal Meosis
– Human Eye
– Human Brain
– Human Ear
– Human Heart etc…

Brass Material

– Bunsen Burner
– Gas tape two way
– Pendulum Bob
– Sprit lamp
– Drawing Pin
– Blow Pipe etc…

Measurement Scale

– Vernier Calliper
– Spherometer
– Screw Gauge
– Wooden Scale
– Physical Balance
– Chemical Balance etc…

Wooden Apparatus

– Sonometer Brass fitting
– Potentiometer 10 wire
– Meter Bridge
– Pin Hole Camera
– Parallelogram Force Apparatus
– Drawing Board etc…

Electronic Equipment

– Rehostate
– Resistance Box
– P O Box
– Ohm’s law Apparatus
– Zener Doide Apparatus
– PN Junction Apparatus etc…

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