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Gas Chromatograph In Bihar, UP & West Bengal At Best Price

Gas Chromatograph Bihar

Gas Chromatograph Bihar Vaishali scientific offers lab solutions and one of them is Gas Chromatography. This scientific centre is famous for and in as Gas Chromatograph Bihar. Now that this term needs to be explained well to the people, in general, let’s have a slight look at what is gas Chromatography? [maxbutton id=”1″ ] Gas […]

Diagnostic Kits & Diagnostic Analyzers

ONE MORE STEP TOWARDS SUCCESS- “Vaishali Scientific Centre” has emarged as a leading importer of In-Vitro Diagnostic Kits & Diagnostic Analyzers. “Chemiluminescence Immuno Assay(CLIA) System” available here at lowest price as compare to market. Specification- => Throughput: Upto 180 test/hr => Reagent Position: 4 => On board capability: up to 16 samples => Random, Batch […]


“ELECTROLYTE ANALYZER” at Low Cost Salient Feature… * ISE (Ion Selective Electrode), low reagent consumption * Maintenance- free electrodes * Automatic reagent replacement warning, inadequate sample warning * Simple and reliable design of fluid tubing system and electrodes, minimize the maintenance work ELECTROLYTE 3A- Na, K, Cl ELECTROLYTE 3B- Na, K, Ca ELECTROLYTE 4A- Na, […]

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