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Diagnostic Kits & Diagnostic Analyzers

ONE MORE STEP TOWARDS SUCCESS- “Vaishali Scientific Centre” has emarged as a leading importer of In-Vitro Diagnostic Kits & Diagnostic Analyzers. “Chemiluminescence Immuno Assay(CLIA) System” available here at lowest price as compare to market. Specification- => Throughput: Upto 180 test/hr => Reagent Position: 4 => On board capability: up to 16 samples => Random, Batch […]


“ELECTROLYTE ANALYZER” at Low Cost Salient Feature… * ISE (Ion Selective Electrode), low reagent consumption * Maintenance- free electrodes * Automatic reagent replacement warning, inadequate sample warning * Simple and reliable design of fluid tubing system and electrodes, minimize the maintenance work ELECTROLYTE 3A- Na, K, Cl ELECTROLYTE 3B- Na, K, Ca ELECTROLYTE 4A- Na, […]

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